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NO Interest Finance

Here at Spoilers And Bodykits we want to make it easier for you to get your hands on the stuff you want for your ride!

So to help you out, we have 3 different options to pay for your items with NO interest:

  • Lay By
  • Afterpay
  • Zip Pay


Lay By

For any items over $1000 where Afterpay or Zip Pay not be able to be used we have a 'Lay By' option. This is simply where you can pay your item off to us via 2-4 direct bank deposit payments.

The only conditions are:

  • The item/s must be over $1000
  • Payments can only be made via direct bank deposit
  • Payments need to be made over 2-4 payments maximum
  • Each payment must be made fortnightly (or more often if you like)
  • Your item will not start getting made and/or shipped until the final payment is made (Any cancellation during this period will incur a 10% cancellation fee on payments made)

Contact us if you wish to organise to lay by your items, we're only too happy to help.



Afterpay is a way to order your body modification parts without having to pay the whole amount upfront. We ship your order out to you as per usual and you pay it off in fortnightly instalments over 6 or 8 weeks to Afterpay.

Do I pay more if I use Afterpay?
No! There is no interest or added fees to use th
e Afterpay service. We pay the fees. The only time you would pay a fee is if you miss a payment.
Please see Afterpay Terms & Conditions for further information about late fees.

Is there a minimum order value?
Minimum order value
is $100AUD

Is there a maximum order value?
Maximum order value
is $1000AUD

Who can use Afterpay?
At this stage Afterpay is only available to Australian customers over 18 years of age who have an Australian debit or credit card.

I ordered something using Afterpay but I need to return it, what do I do?
We are unable to offer store credit so you will receive a refund. Afterpay will look after this for us and the refund will go back to the card you have registered with them.

I want to pay my order off sooner, can I do that?

Yes! You can pay your order off early if you like, you’ll just need to contact Afterpay directly to arrange this.


Zip Pay

Zip Pay is very similar to Afterpay in that you can get your item now, and not have to pay for it all upfront. For more info on Zip Pay and signing up, check out their how-it-works page here.

Is there a maximum order value?

Maximum order value is $1000AUD

What are the minimum repayments?

$40 a month