Below are a some very basic instructions for some items we sell. Please be aware most of our products are not supplied with instructions.

For any fitment of any product we highly recommend you get a QUALIFIED professional to fit it. All head light products must be fitted by a qualified auto electrician. For any bodykit parts, spoilers, skirts etc, a professional should be fitting it, if you have never done any of this type of work before, do not attempt it. 

All products should be fitted or sat up against the car BEFORE you modify it any way. We will not be held liable for how a product has been fitted whether it is by you, someone you know or a professional. Our refund and returns policy covers the item itself, not how it has been fitted to a vehicle.


Basic Instructions for Fitting a Bonnet Scoop

  • So to attach a bonnet scoop, first of all preparation is paramount. You’ll want to use a very good quality wax and grease remover and apply that as specified on the bottle to the area where the scoop will go.
  • You’ll need to line up and measure where you want to put the scoop, mark it out etc and then prepare the surface. Do this very, very well. Now you can attach the scoop with double sided tape, sikaflex and screws to screw it down.
  • You should also scuff/scratch up both contact areas; the scoops flange area where it will touch the bonnet, and the actual bonnet surface. So this can with some light to medium sandpaper. This will help MASSIVELY to help the scoop stick. Then you’ll need to apply the sikaflex/tape & screws etc once put the scoop in place.
  • You’ll want to put an object on top of the scoop (nothing too heavy – just enough to hold it in place and not warp the shape of the scoop) to hold it in place and let it dry overnight. If you’ve not done anything like this before though, we highly recommend you get someone who has, someone like a panel beater etc as this is NOT A BEGINNERS TASK.


Basic Instructions for Fitting a Fibreglass Ute Roof Spoiler

  • Sit the spoiler on the roof where you want it, take note of where it contacts - Then scuff up the plastic sailplane type piece of plastic (or body) on the top rear of the cab
  • Also scuff up the spoiler where it contacts the same area. (Scuff it up with sandpaper)
  • You must do this. Scuffing it up gives it something to bond too. If its smooth paint then there is no way it will bond well. 
  • Put the sikaflex on both surfaces and tape it down tight with tape and also put some weight on it (Not too much to warp the product though). 
  • Leave overnight (as long as you can is best though)
  • This is NOT A BEGINNERS TASK so do not attempt it if you have never done anything like this before, get a qualified professional like a panel beater etc. 


Basic Instructions for Fitting Plastic Accessories

  • Ensure your vehicle is thoroughly washed and clean ensuring the mating surface you are fitting the product to is free from any GREASE / WAX / POLISH or any other contaminants.
  • As surface preparation is very important, we recommend the use of a “Wash and Grease Remover” solution to be used on the mating surface as per directions on the solvent bottle you use.
  • Failing to prepare the surface correctly, you risk the possibility of the product not adhering to the surface correctly & coming off.
  • Do not wash your car for at least 24 hours after applying
  • When fitting, apply firm but not excessive pressure or weight. Failing to follow these instructions will void your warranty on the product.


Weather Shields

We don't supply instructions for how to fit weather shields but CLICK HERE for a good tutorial on Youtube which shows the process.


Bonnet Protectors

We don't supply instructions for how to fit bonnet protectors but CLICK HERE for a good tutorial on Youtube which shows the process.

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