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We get asked lots of questions! So here is a few of them and our answers:


Q: How do I find out how much shipping is?

A: Easy! All you have to do is:

  • Select an item and click 'Add to Cart'
  • Continue to 'Checkout'
  • Add your address and postcode details
  • This will automatically work out how much your shipping cost will be :)


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: This all depends on where you live. We always say to allow anywhere from 3-8 days. Metro areas of course will be quite quick (usually a few days at most). More rural areas allow at least several extra days. We don't offer an express option though sorry as this will drive the shipping cost through the roof unfortunately! 

We always try to get your goods shipped out ASAP, usually within 2-3 days of receiving your order IF this is an item in stock.

NOTE: For any fibreglass products, you must allow a build time to make them as only SOME items we have in stock. Most items are made upon ordering so you must allow anywhere from 4-9 working days usually, except for large bodykits which can take up to several weeks. Please see the product listing on the website to see the average build time. 


Q: Does Spoilers and Bodykits have a showroom?

A: No we don't, we are a fully 100% online Australian store and proud of it! 


Q: Why does shipping cost so much?

A: Shipping costs are a constant problem for us! Because of the sheer size and volume of a lot of parts (front/rear bars, bodykits etc), shipping companies have to charge more and once items go over a certain size, weight no longer matters and we're charged on the size of the item. 

We're constantly on the look out for cheaper shipping rates though! We've changed shipping companies a number of times to keep the cost down and will always endeavour to do this. 

Also if you're in a rural area, costs go up quite a lot. So if you can get something delivered to a metro area, then definitely try to do this. 

If when you checkout, you think the shipping charge is too much, by all means contact one of our team and we'll see if we can get a better rate!


Q Do you ship to New Zealand (or anywhere else overseas)?

A: For certain items, yes we can definitely send to New Zealand or overseas. It just depends on which part. Please send an email to our friendly team detailing what item you're looking at and also please provide us your address (with postcode) so we can work out an accurate shipping quote :)


Q: Can I pick my item up?

A: No sorry. As we ship from multiple different warehouses, our items come from locations all over Australia. We strive to keep our shipping costs down as much as possible though so that you SAVE on your purchase. 


Q: Do parts/items come painted?

A: No. We don't paint any items unfortunately BUT we can send anything direct to your local panel beater or painter for you.


Q: Do my items come with instructions to fit it?

A: At this stage no, we don't provide instructions to fit any of our aftermarket items (bodykits, spoilers, flares, roof racks, lights, etc etc). We recommend you get your local panel beater/fitter/auto electrician/auto professional etc to fit anything for you if you're unsure of how to fit it.


Q: Does Spoilers and Bodykits do any Custom work?

A: No we don't sorry, we only supply the products that are shown on our website.


Q: Do Spoilers and Bodykits fit parts you sell?

A: No we don't, as we are 100% online we do not offer a fitment service. We recommend you get your local panel beater/fitter/auto electrician etc to fit anything for you if you're unsure of how to fit it.


If what you want to know is not mentioned on this page, by all means contact one of our friendly team via our contact page here.